February 2018  
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"Living Waters" Flowing in Pandora

     Because of the sincere concern for people's physical needs, by some folks at First, Stockdale, "water" is now flowing in the small community of Pandora in more ways than one.
     Pandora is a community of about 50 homes lying between Stockdale and Nixon on Hwy. 87.  Ten years ago, because of a delivery of Angel Tree Christmas gifts to two teenage girls there--by a member of the Stockdale church--a long journey of prayer and "government red tape" began.

     The Christmas gift delivery to those girls revealed a community of people who--for the most part--were without basic necessities.  The gifts were delivered by Frances Hastings, whose concern spread to the church's missions council, and to her Sunday School class.

     Soon, a Bible study was being conducted in the community, and in January of 2002, several from First began to meet in a 10 ft. X 15 ft. building.  The mission church has since acquired property near the highway....they are occupying a double-wide and single-wide trailer...and have a part-time pastor, Sil Ornelas from Floresville.

     As the laying of the water lines recently made its way through the community, some of the residents of Pandora decided that the church should be the first to have a meter set...and the first place that water would flow in the community.

     After a long, ten year struggle of unending paperwork--dealing with various governmental entities, and a lot of hard physical work by the people of Pandora--water began to flow!!

     And the first water that was "drawn" in Pandora was used to baptize a 12 year old girl who had made a profession of faith at the church.