February 2018  
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In both associational meetings in October and November, messengers overwhelmingly approved a recommendation that Gambrell and Gonzales churches be ecouraged to participate in a program to help feed needy children in Haiti.

 Lifeline Christian Ministry, a benevolent ministry who has been working in Haiti for over 30 years, is able to obtain ingredients that provide a nutritious meal--at a cost of $75 per child per year.  The cost is so low, because the ingredients are packaged by volunteers in churches (and associations).

Area churches will be asked to make a monetary commitment and then seek to raise those funds during the first part of next year.  Based on the amount of funds "pledged", the appropriate amount of food will be ordered and a date will be set for a "food event" (or a "packing party")--to be held at a central church location in each association.  

Volunteers will assemble to pack the ingredients, which, when completed, will be shipped to orphanages in Haiti.

Both associations have a close connection to the needs in Haiti--through the Disaster Relief directors in each association.  They have first-hand experience working with Lifeline and its affiliated ministries in Haiti.

More information will be distributed to the church at the beginning of 2013.

For more information, please contact Bro. Tommy at the Area office (830-672-3830)